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Dear Tesco

The centre of Thornton Heath from the beloved Clocktower to the station is mostly a mess. You sit there minting it from our daily needs but what are you contributing? The flower beds are trashed, the pavements cheaply tarmaced and nasty – why cannot you contribute some cheer – some quality, even, to our lives in exchange for all the custom we pour in your direction. Tesco do you care about life outside your store?

I wrote to the local manager about the flower beds but s/he blamed the Council and said they were responsible. But surely you could cut a deal? C’mon Tesco, you fat cat, it makes business sense, you know it does. Don’t be mean and spite our faces.

To top it all you could not even clear the snow, which soon became slush and ice, from your wide shop frontage during the recent big freeze. Shame on you! How many old people slipped over and broke bones whilst struggling with your shopping the Mayday only knows.

Get you civic finger out Tesco (and Croydon Council) let’s have a chip of your millions for the centre of Thornton Heath. If you want the youth to have some civic pride give us literal grounds for it.

 TH - Dead space opposite the station

And Barclays and Wetherspoons! I see you cringeing in the corner, trying to escape our gaze. You too have despicably crap spaces outside your lucrative premises… Buck your ideas up!


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  1. Tesco is also partly responsible for the closing down of many local shops in TH. The whole Norbury Avenue, has now become a stretch of boarded up and derelict buildings…

    Well I never did! Came out station yesterday and to my amazement the flower beds were being demolished!
    We wait with bated breath to see what will replace them… probably tarmac… but you never know.

  3. Spoke to the guys who were laying the tarma today. They said the powers-that-be had considered putting benches in the spaces but that they’d only be an invitation to ‘drunks’ etc and that the flower beds were removed due to being used by drug addicts to dump syringes etc. Or was it the reality that they’d had no upkeep and so invited that attitude of dereliction in return?

    I have since heard that the manager of the Local Tesco is in fact ‘very community minded’ – so that’s good. But I’d like to know what is being done in that direction… And my point about the upgrading of an environment that is used daily by hundreds probably in the thousands still stands I reckon.

    Oh yes I did notice that the blooming flower boxes. More of that sort of thinking please.


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