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lord napierThe Lord Napier is a great local pub with a secluded garden, and has been one of London’s best known jazz venues since the late 1960s. It stands in Beulah Road, so called after Beulah Spa which was founded in 1831 over a natural spring famous for its magnesia impregnated water. The Lord Napier was built after the pump room of the spa collapsed in 1868 and became a Young’s pub in 1884. The pub itself is named after the first Baron Napier who is associated with the Siege of Lucknow.

The Lord Napier now is a lovely cosy pub with huge fireplaces for the winter evenings, and a garden for the summer…

Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons are famous for jazz, plus coming soon our open mike nights

Opening Times:
Mon to Sun – 12:00 ’til 24:00

Closest Train Station(s):

Thornton Heath

Function/Private Dining capacity: 200 
Meeting/Private Hire: 200


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  1. What and where on earth was The Siege of Lucknow? And whats the Thornton Heath connection?
    hey the open mike sessions!? Does that mean you’ve negotiated something with the landlord?

  2. From Wikipedia:
    The Siege of Lucknow (Hindustani: लखनऊ का घेरा, لکھنؤ کا گھیرا Lakhnaū kā Ghērā) was the prolonged defence of the Residency within the city of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 (also known as the First War of Indian Independence or the Indian Mutiny). After two successive relief attempts had reached the city, the defenders and civilians were evacuated from the Residency, which was abandoned.

    Lucknow was the capital of the former state of Oudh (now spelt Awadh, and a region in the state of Uttar Pradesh), in India. The prolonged defence there by the British proved to be one of the key episodes in the unsuccessful rebellion. Mainly there were issues of prestige and morale involved, but Lucknow also became the point at which the main forces of both the British and rebels were concentrated.

  3. A percentage? you mean a free pint?
    I think you re onto something. There may be a lot more pubs listed here very soon… hic


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