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Off Grid anyone?

Is anyone out there in Thornton Heath area interested in off-grid energy?

I’ve got Solar hot water which has been working very well for over a year. The benefits are as much the slightly indefinable ones of being in touch with the sun (!) as much as saving on the bills. Our meter shows the temperature of the collector tubes and the heat exchanger tank. We get fairly obsessed watching it each day. See here for details and more discussion.

I’ve also got a high efficiency wood burner stove. So if you know any free source of logs in Thornton Heath (north east area) then let me know. I’ve just bought an electric chainsaw and have built a log pile at the back of the garden.
Free fuel

I’d like to have some Photo Voltaic solar electricity coming into the house. It seems like you could do something from Maplins stuff for about £250 but I’m not very confident about electricals so if any local electrician could offer help. The main difficulty is a wind proof mounting onto the tiles… Be satisfying to be able to run a laptop and a landing light at least.

Also I’d like to collect rainwater and use it to flush a down stairs toilet. There are rainwater butts around of course but going this extra few yards to get the water to the cistern I’d need plumbing help…

Also of course have a composting box in the back garden which works amazingly well. Are there any wormeries in Thornton Heath?

Be good to have a network of people who could help each other locally with low energy impact technologies in the area, from low emission cars (I just saw a Honda Insight in my road and fully electric cars arrive next year), to retro fit wall insulation.

And then there is the famous ‘Frybrid’ which runs on used cooking oil!
TH - Frybrid car 2


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  1. We should get in touch with our local hero of low energy impact technology. Here is the link:
    The guy lives in TH no joke..


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