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Parks to be proud of now on facebook!

Parks to be Proud of is a major project aimed at improving the quality of Croydon’s local parks. It is run by the council and gives local people the chance to vote on which six of Croydon’s 127 parks should get a share of £1.5million….and then have a say in what the money gets spent on.

So please make sure you vote for Grangewood Park.

Thank you.

Voting ends: 24th December 2009.


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  1. What a great little blog. I’m sorry I only found out about this after the poll finished. Will be checking from now on. Plus you are damn right about how our buildings needs love and care my house is over a hundred and something years now…


  2. OK so Grangewood Park didn’t win… but then how can a little park that gets no funding compete with the big uns that got the dosh. It might seem like a democratic way of allocating funds and at least it is public, but it fact there needs to be a better way.
    Anyway next time round Grangewood Park should definitely get a slice of the pie. The park could be so much more than it is at present….


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