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New Library is Open!

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This is a really wonderful new building that keeps the best of the old library and upgrades everything else about it. A building of this quality in terms of space, design and materials has never been seen in Thornton Heath, at least in modern times.
You need to go inside to appreciate it. And its not easy to photograph as it is about how the spaces all fit together and how the old features are integrated into the new concept. This building sets a high standard for any new building in Thornton Heath to aspire to.

I can’t rave too much about this! Its like a prestige building but for the ordinary library users of Thornton Heath.

OK one word of criticism the children’s library which has returned to the ground floor after many years has the most amazing carpet but needs more sound dampening. I was there with just a few 2 year olds and it was deafening. How about a tapestry project or something?

In fact that is what is needed over all – some projects, readings, and performances to bring the communities oral culture in to meet the literary heritage that the library has at its core.


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