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Station paper shop doomed by development!

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The beautiful station shop is to go in the development of Thornton Heath Station! There will be a shop in the new station but the rent hike is unfeasible for the guys who run it at the moment. I think that this is a charming shop that is part of the architectural charm and character of the station and should be retained. Thornton Heath is and was a commuter suburb and this was an essential shop in that livestyle and history.


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  1. This is our local paper shop, on the way to work, straightforwRd, friendly, convenient. We hear that the station development people have made it difficult for the shop to continue by only offering a very expensive bigger shop unit when the redevelopment work is completed. Bigger businesses with huge corporate resources always seem to ride roughshod over the smaller local businesses that the community know and like. They could easily accommodate the needs of local business people and their customers if they consult and plan appropriately, and they should rethink the plan and offer the existing businesses suitable premises after the works are done.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I appreciate your comments and would like to support your view,that the shop should be retained and not demolished.
    In Norbury there was a similar shop and it will be three years,since the shop was demolished and Southern Railway have lost three years of income.
    I think the same will happen at thornton heath station,unless the train commuters rally and put a stop to the greed sought after by the Management Cunsultants.

    concerened commuter

  3. Thankyou for your comments. I heard this afternoon that sadly the papershop is shutting at the end of the month. The two guys who have run it will get a small amount of compensation and plan to retire. Let’s show them our appreciation in the next two weeks.


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