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Saturday 14th December
6-8pm in Grangewood Park
This promises to be a magical evening
Meet for a lantern procession at Wharncliffe Lodge entrance at 6pm
(corner of Grange Rd and Wharncliffe Road)
Bring your lanterns, mulled wine, mince pies and good cheer.
Hymn sheets will be provided.
If any of you play a musical instrument and would like to bring it along, that would be fantastic.
Do invite your friends and talk about it at the school gates etc..
A poster will follow when I have worked out how to amend the dates!
I would also like to give you a quick update on our recent bulb planting/ litter picking / bug hotel making morning…
Despite the most unpromising weather (it absolutely bucketed down!) we had an excellent morning.
I would like to extend a warm welcome to our 2 new Friends of Grangewood Park, Anna and Sean, who spotted us while they were doing their morning run and came back to pick up bags and bags of litter before going off to a nice lunch. I would like to thank them and also:
Nicola, Ruby and Harry Hall
Nick Fox
Louise and John Enticknap with Ben, Adam and Ciara
Kath, Frank and Ali Yelland
and last but not least, Karen, who as always, did such a wonderful job with the crafts.
Your enthusiasm and effort really made this a wonderful event..
Check out our Facebook page for photos of the day…
I hope to see you all saturday week at the carols
and in the meantime, wish you a smooth and stress free advent 🙂
Christmas greetings,
Talla Demetriades
Friends of Grangewood Park

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