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Thornton Heath needs a facelift!

Labours announces Plans for a £3 million facelift for Thornton Heath. Will the other parties respond to this?


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  1. suttoncroydontusc

    You asked for other parties to respond. This is a brief response from Sutton and Croydon TUSC. We are standing a candidate in Croydon North – Glen Hart. Nationally, we will be the biggest left-of-Labour challenge for generations. We plan to stand a hundred candidates in the general election.

    Steve Reed and One Nation Labour are electioneering! Thornton Heath will (or may) benefit in some small way from this modest expenditure. It would benefit even more though if Croydon’s New Labour council implemented some socialist policies to, for example, cap and control rents and housing quality; implemented a £10 an hour minimum wage; and called on the government to stop and reverse the cuts in local government funding.

    Unfortunately, the establishment parties (including the millionaire-funded UKIP) have barely a cigarette paper width between their policies. New Labour has already promised many times to stay within the limits set by Tory economic policies. In our view New Labour is no longer a party for working people.


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