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TURF project in Thornton Heath


Saturday the 28th February – meet at Thornton Heath station 11.30 or 14.30 for a two hour tour…
‘The Stones of Croydon workshops are based on John Ruskin’s principles outlined in ‘The Stones of Venice’ and are intended “not for the training of artists, but of people, who, by following the class, ‘might see greater beauties than they had hitherto seen in nature and in art, and thereby gain more pleasure in life’”.
Each fortnightly class is led by different professionals from various fields from art, design and architecture to religion and literature, and will encourage participants to explore the rudiments of drawing technique through discovery & observation; hopefully learning more about the area along the way.
Report from the 28th “Very disappointed that we were told at the station when we arrived at 11am that we would have to take a bus to Crystal Palace to sketch the dinosaurs on the rain!  We felt this was an insult to Thornton Heath as if there was nothing worth drawing here! Surely the whole point is to do this project were we live and want to celebrate?!  The TURF organiser (unpaid) said they would try to organise something in the future. In all four of us decided not to take the 450. Three or four others went along with it.
I was really looking forward to this…So I’m really fed-up.”
Follow TURF projects on facebook & twitter for more upcoming dates in Norwood and Selhurst!
For all enquiries please contact: Aoife Flynn at

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  1. I’m going to the morning session…


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