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New Tai Chi Class starting 21st January


Tai Chi at Parchmore Community Centre

The philosophy of Yin and Yang underpins the slow, gentle movements of Tai Chi. A martial art in origin, many people practise today to bring calm and relaxation into their busy lives.

My name is Chris Milton and I have always loved movement, dancing as a child and teaching Keep Fit in the 1970’s. In the late 70’s I first encountered Tai Chi but had to wait 5 years to attend my first class at Surrey University in 1984. Since then I have been hooked.

There are many styles and forms of Tai Chi but they all stem from the same basic principles. I teach Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Yang style short form and various Qigong sets, grounded in the background philosophy, history and principles of the art. My emphasis is on health and well-being.

I will be opening a new class in Thornton Heath from 21st January 2015, meeting every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm at Parchmore Community Centre in Parchmore Road (near Tesco). The class is open to beginners and those with previous experience.

I also teach a group as part of the Community Centre’s programme for senior citizens on Thursdays at 10am. New member are also welcome to come along to this class.


For further information ring Chris on 020 8239 7456.


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