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The posh English avant garde meets Frankfurt School in Thornton Heath library?!

JIP Ed 2014 rehearsal still This is the most unlikely art event ever to be promoted in Thornton Heath…  A theatre event about the life of Derek Jarman the indie film-maker who died in 1994 aged 52. The theatre group is called ‘Project Adorno’Theodor Adorno was a German critical theorist who died in 1969 and was part of the Frankfurt School before the Nazi’s shut it down. He was critical of the mass media and thought art was the only place where critical thinking was possible. Having read the Wikipedia pages linked above you’ll have all the background you need and probably much more, for all I know. The LIVE PERFORMANCE with original songs, films and stuff by Project Adorno is at Thornton Heath Library on Wednesday 11th February at 7pm to 9pm. Tickets are free to collect in person from the library. Go Get ’em! Oh, it is called “Jarman In Pieces”

Did anyone go? What was it like?

Stormzy hits the Big Time – Congratulations from your neighbours!

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Thornton Heath rapper Stormzy third in big 2015 poll

From the Croydon Advertiser  |  Posted: January 07, 2015


“A STORMZ A’ BREWIN’: Thornton Heath rapper Stormzy is tipped to make it big by the BBC this year. A GRIME artist from Croydon looks set to take the country by storm after coming third in BBC’s Sound of 2015 poll.  Stormzy, 21, from Thornton Heath, appeared on the Radio One breakfast show this morning to hear the news from Huw Stephens.  He is the only unsigned artist from the longlist of 15 and will have his track Know Me From played throughout the day.  Stormzy will appear again on Zane Lowe’s show on Radio One from 7pm tonight.”

 STORMZY track about domestic violence below:

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Support Thornton Heath Arts Week! The First!

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‘Portraits of a Player’

An encounter with gift economy on the street of Thornton Heath: a review of ‘Portraits of a Player’

Crook Street Gang's new CD

Thornton Heath obviously does not have the extreme cruelty and oppression of apartheid – different cultures happily swim together in the same pool and share the same schools. That can feel good. But the cultural groups of The Heath still mostly lead separate lives; meeting fleetingly in school drop-offs and children’s parties. So it was refreshing when a older white man like me, trudging up the hill from shopping, was approached by a young black man with an offer to gift me a copy of his latest CD. I get approached to embrace Jesus often enough, but this is a rarer and realer opportunity. The man introduced himself as Art Daley. I got home and put it straight on. He describes it as having a Seventies soul vibe, to me it’s articulate and often lyrical urban rap. ‘Portraits of a Player’ is nicely presented with ten well-produced tracks from the local Crook Street Gang.

A long sample from the namesake Arthur Daley bridges the b/w and generational cultural gap and reminds me of our shared cultural experience. At the same time corny rap words add to the gulf between us that still prickles out of this beautiful package of creativity. “RU a fag or summat?” and plentiful use of ‘Bitch’ means, I hate to say so bluntly but, it won’t get played easily to my young daughter or some of my friends. It’s these thorny taboo words can mark out the territory of our separation. How can we represent our whole multi-cultural community when such simple jags of difference and markers of oppression, can get in the way so easily? How are we going to get through this abrasive surface and get down to sharing culture and our different experiences as human beings?

The final track ‘Setting Sun’ to me seems to say it all for Thornton Heath and many other poor suburbs: “Guns don’t kill, people do”; “I wanna face up to my fears”; “I’m a mountain”; “Your raps worth more, than the waiting crack”. Listen to this track above all.

This is why Thornton Heath older folks like me should get behind the creative force of their sons and daughters – Art Daley, lead us into the future man!

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The writer of this review has recently published ‘Agit Disco’ with Mute Books:

T.H. travel-log. Luca Paci

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High street,  clock tower shadowed

by  a thick plane tree dripping its leaves

on tarmark & traffic. Shoppers pour out

the supermarket like hunter-gatherers

in search of meaning  (new life? new religion

to cling on before the end?)

The end is close

a poster barks on platform one.

The man with the big issue

smokes in perfect balance with his mood.

Down the leaves creek and shriek

a novel hope for his new soles.

They come and go like laborious termites.

Is he listening  to the deafening

sound of that plane ahead?