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The Forgotten Children – Mon 17 July 2017 19:30 – 22:30

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Thornton Heath Arts Week presents the Wild Pictures documentary film “The Forgotten Children” in an evening to include talk and discussion about the migration crisis.

Scratchley Hall, 83 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7JH

The Forgotten Children follows the heart-breaking stories of refugee orphans across Europe. Governments have moved many of the children into state run camps and closed the doors to journalists. This film gives a voice to the children and hears their disturbing stories of suffering and survival.

forgotten children

Contributors to the evening will include: a representative from Migrant Help, the charity working at Brigstock House, a hostel for asylum seekers in our community; Mitra Djalili, a singer and resident of Thornton Heath and refugee from Iran; the story of Barak a fifteen year old refugee from Syria as told to Georgia Mancio; and Ian Shaw talking on misunderstandings surrounding displacement (with emphasis on unaccompanied children in Europe) with a Q&A session. Since several of the contributors are singers there will also be some music too!

The evening is designed to be informative and to help toward a better understanding of the issues surrounding the migration crisis, especially in regards to children.

There will also be a collection for the charity Migrant Help’s destitution fund which helps asylum seekers emergency needs, and ideas for ways to contribute to help within the local community.

The posh English avant garde meets Frankfurt School in Thornton Heath library?!

JIP Ed 2014 rehearsal still This is the most unlikely art event ever to be promoted in Thornton Heath…  A theatre event about the life of Derek Jarman the indie film-maker who died in 1994 aged 52. The theatre group is called ‘Project Adorno’Theodor Adorno was a German critical theorist who died in 1969 and was part of the Frankfurt School before the Nazi’s shut it down. He was critical of the mass media and thought art was the only place where critical thinking was possible. Having read the Wikipedia pages linked above you’ll have all the background you need and probably much more, for all I know. The LIVE PERFORMANCE with original songs, films and stuff by Project Adorno is at Thornton Heath Library on Wednesday 11th February at 7pm to 9pm. Tickets are free to collect in person from the library. Go Get ’em! Oh, it is called “Jarman In Pieces”

Did anyone go? What was it like?

Stormzy hits the Big Time – Congratulations from your neighbours!

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Thornton Heath rapper Stormzy third in big 2015 poll

From the Croydon Advertiser  |  Posted: January 07, 2015


“A STORMZ A’ BREWIN’: Thornton Heath rapper Stormzy is tipped to make it big by the BBC this year. A GRIME artist from Croydon looks set to take the country by storm after coming third in BBC’s Sound of 2015 poll.  Stormzy, 21, from Thornton Heath, appeared on the Radio One breakfast show this morning to hear the news from Huw Stephens.  He is the only unsigned artist from the longlist of 15 and will have his track Know Me From played throughout the day.  Stormzy will appear again on Zane Lowe’s show on Radio One from 7pm tonight.”

 STORMZY track about domestic violence below:

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Thornton Heath needs a facelift!

Labours announces Plans for a £3 million facelift for Thornton Heath. Will the other parties respond to this?

poster protesting deadly deportation

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poster protesting deadly deportation

Demo about deadly UK deportations. Jackie Nanyonjo died in Uganda after deportation by the UK Border Agency contractor Reliance. The Movement for Justice organised this demo near the clock tower in Thornton Heath.
Demo tomorrow outside Luna House home of the UKBA.

Station paper shop doomed by development!

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The beautiful station shop is to go in the development of Thornton Heath Station! There will be a shop in the new station but the rent hike is unfeasible for the guys who run it at the moment. I think that this is a charming shop that is part of the architectural charm and character of the station and should be retained. Thornton Heath is and was a commuter suburb and this was an essential shop in that livestyle and history.

Director of Runnymede Trust from Thornton Heath

Rob Berkeley the director of the Runnymede Trust the ‘leading independent race equality think tank in the UK’ is from Thornton Heath. I heard him speak last night at the Stephen Lissenburgh lecture at Universty of Westminster in Regent Street North. Read more about him here:

What impressed me most about his talk was his clarity and his insistence that we should be aiming to End Racism within the lifetime of the current generation – not just fight it! His family still live in Thornton Heath and I’m sure they must be proud of him.