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Picnic in the Park – Grangewood Park – this Sunday!

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Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park

Thornton Heath and the History of Slavery

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The Croydon Citizen by Sean Creighton is a useful source of local information only occasionally Thornton Heath exactly but still of interest. e.g.

“James Ivers inherited Barlow’s property. Because of big losses on his Grenada estates, he sold the Addington estate in 1802-3. He went on to receive compensation for 262 slaves on Grenada and 253 on two estates on Jamaica, continuing to own them and leaving them to his sons. His son James was born at Addington in 1798, and received a share of the compensation for 366 enslaved people on three estates on Antigua. Thomas Coles bought the Addington estate. His son, who lived at Thornton Heath, shared compensation on 127 slaves on Dominica. ”

Interview with Plastician aka Chris Reed from Thornton Heath


Excellent interview with Thornton Heath born n bred Dubstep and Grime musician – here

“EDM is to underground music what the X Factor is to mainstream music. They pick up the potential, and pump money into it at the cost of all integrity, and ride the money train as long as they possibly can. It’s a huge business, and sadly for me, there’s only so much business I like to get involved with. It’s hard to appeal to the masses without selling a part of your soul to the devil. You need to find the right balance and just hope that you can build your own following without having to bow to the demands of the powers that be in the EDM world.”


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Dear Friends
As many of you know, the Friends of Grangewood Park organise the ‘Picnic in the Park’ every summer, a great free event for the whole community.   Likely date is Sunday  12th July.
This year we are desperately in need of volunteers to help organise and run the event.
So if you have a few spare hours to help out over the next few months we would love to hear from you…enthusiasm is essential, but we can put to use any skills and time you have!
We are also planning an AGM in May (date tbc) when we will be inviting people to join the committee – we are looking for a new Secretary as well as general committee members.
Interested?  Please email us

poster protesting deadly deportation

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poster protesting deadly deportation

Demo about deadly UK deportations. Jackie Nanyonjo died in Uganda after deportation by the UK Border Agency contractor Reliance. The Movement for Justice organised this demo near the clock tower in Thornton Heath.
Demo tomorrow outside Luna House home of the UKBA.

Andy Pag arrested in India!! Free Andy Pag Now!

Andy Pag is well into his marathon bio diesel trans continental journey by now. But has been arrested in India for having a satellite phone – a terrorism charge! He was traveling on an Italian passport. Please send messages of support.
see Croydon Guardian
See his blog on:

Heath ‘eritage – as it got any?

The word ‘heritage’ usually refers to buildings that were once owned by aristocrats. I’ve been thinking about what it might mean to ‘ordinary’ people around here. I think heritage is anything that we think has artistic merit and deserves to be kept and maintained if at all possible. I’ve taken some photos of aspects of our environment in Thornton Heath that I think its worth valuing. You can see a few of them at the end of this article. The rest are a set on Flickr. I have tagged all the photos that relate positively or negatively to this idea of heritage with the word ‘heritage’ so you can bring them all up as a group.
TH - Pathways in danger

Heritage suggests something old that is worth saving. Much of the Heath is Edwardian and about 100 years old. Most of the fabric of our houses needs Read the rest of this entry