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We currently have good air compared with London – Get informed on the Incinerator!

Stop The Incinerator group are very pleased to have arranged a screening of ‘Trashed’ at Fairfield Halls at 7pm on Friday 8thMarch.  Entrance is by ticket which you can reserve by replying to this email. It will cost us £250.00 to show the film so we are asking for donations on the night and are suggesting £5.00 for adults and £1.00 for children.  There are some harrowing scenes that young children may find upsetting.  Depending on the interest we receive we may also arrange a second screening elsewhere in Croydon and have plans to show the film in Sutton at the Civic Centre.  Here is a link to the film’s website where you can view a trailer:

We have introduced a pledge system whereby people and organisations are able to pledge funds to our group should we be forced into resorting to legal action to try to prevent the incinerator being built.  Pledges will only be called upon should we need to use them for any legal action.  The only money the group has spent to date is the cost of specialist advice for our objection.  All other costs including travel, printing, etc. have been borne by the members of the group.  It is still also possible to donate to our fighting fund using Paypal or by sending a cheque – details can be found on our website: I have attached a pledge form in case you would like to pledge funds to our fight.


Stop the South London Incinerator

Please do all you can to help to stop plans for the building of a privately run incinerator to burn our waste. Stop the ‘South London Waste Partnership’ becoming a licence to burn away our health, the health of our children and any hopes for a sustainable future. Visit for more info.

Four South London Boroughs are being targetted – Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton. The incineration of household waste:
Depresses recycling and wastes resources
Releases greenhouse gasses
Is often forced through against strong public opposition
Relies on exaggerating future quantities of waste instead of strongly increased recycling and composting
Creates toxic emissions and hazardous ash
Poses significant health risks

The conclusions from a report produced last year by the British Society for Ecological Medicine  make truly disturbing reading….. Read the rest of this entry