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Picnic in the Park – Grangewood Park – this Sunday!

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Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park



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¬†Things one gets to know browsing the internet…
Thornton Heath is one of those places with a split personality. The original settlement clustered around the Pond area on the London Road, but when the railway station came in 1862, the focus of development shifted to what is now Thornton Heath High Street. This latter area was called, for a while, ‘New Thornton Heath’.The older Thornton Heath, part of the Manor of Norbury, had been open heath common land for centuries. Its main claim to fame was the useful pond, for horses and cattle, and the gallows, which stood on the site. The Enclosure Act of 1799 turned it into privately-owned farmland. The Enclosure also enabled owners to sell their land for development, and within a few years there was a fair cluster of buildings around the pond area and development (mostly quite substantial houses) was spreading up the eastern side of the London Road on the way to Croydon.

As already mentioned, ‘New Thornton Heath’ was created by the railway. Before 1862, the area had a few farmhouses, one or two villas and, an important local industry, market-gardening. These were soon engulfed by new streets. By 1900 there was very little open land left in Thornton Heath, new or old.

At the junction of the High Street and Parchmore Road, on a site previously called Walker’s Green, stands the Clocktower, which was built in 1900, financed partly by public subscription. In earlier times, Croydon was well-known for its charcoal-burners or colliers, and Colliers Water Lane commemorates this connection with that trade. Another industry connected with the area until recently was clock and bell-making. The world-famous firm of Gillett & Johnston was based in Union Road from 1844 to 1957, and its clock tower was a well-known landmark in the area until it was demolished in 1997.


Remember the Black Liberation Dub albums?

Remembering Mad Professor’s Black Liberation Dub series from the Nineties!

Merry Reggae Xmas to all our readers and a brighter New YEar.


Ian Parker of The Hollies lives here

I saw this record in the ‘The Studio’ mini cafe at Thornton Heath station. The cafe owner told me that Ian Parker lives in Thornton Heath and is a Studio customer when he is in town. Apparently he is a regular down to earth guy.

The Hollies at The Studio cafe

I was also pleased to hear that this cute cafe is not going to be destroyed by the Station redevelopment that is removing our beloved station newstand. Shutting at the end of the week – we wish the two guys well for their retirement after years serving the community!

Other news about the station is that the newly installed lifts are now working. Disabled people in the Heath can now travel by train  for the first time. Its also great news for pushchair users, people with heavy bikes etc. Hurray.

Don’t forget to get a quick tea or roll at The Studio. (and tell him about the blog!) You might even get a celebrity autograph.

Dramatic rescue in Thornton Heath

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Dramatic rescue following crash through front garden wall in north east

Dramatic rescue following crash through front garden wall in north east

A railing was stopping the ambulance from attending to a passenger so they had just cut aware a set of railings so the car door could be opened.

Very impressed with the rescue services and hope that the two people in the car are recovering.


New Station Lifts!

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view of new access units

view of new access units

The access walkways and staircases were all prefabricated off site and lifted into place over one weekend by a huge crane. It was all ready to go the next monday morning. Incredible bit of construction. It will in time add lifts to all platforms and is part of the platform lengthening. New toilets, waiting room and information systems have be ready for some time. Its all very welcome. Hopefully things will continue to improve in ThorntonHeath!






poster protesting deadly deportation

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poster protesting deadly deportation

Demo about deadly UK deportations. Jackie Nanyonjo died in Uganda after deportation by the UK Border Agency contractor Reliance. The Movement for Justice organised this demo near the clock tower in Thornton Heath.
Demo tomorrow outside Luna House home of the UKBA.